Mercury Retrograde: What To Expect, What Not To Do and It’s Advantages

Oh, it’s about that time again! Yes, Mercury Retrograde is approaching very soon. The planet that rules communication, expression, speech, electronics, vehicles/aircraft, and your thought process. This messenger planet also rules the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo.

When a planet ‘goes retrograde’ this usually indicates that it will move in a backward motion. Although a planet cannot physically move backwards, this will, however, appear in the astrological horoscope — a tool used to assist in identifying people and situations as well as predicting future events.

Mercury will be going retrograde on August 12th, 2017 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and will go direct on September 5th, 2017 at 7:30 AM EST. Mercury Retrograde occurs about every three or four months, lasting at about three weeks.

During this time period, there is a strong possibility that you may run into people from the past (hence retro in retrograde), especially exes and old romantic interests — this is especially common when Venus is retrograde, which only happens once every eighteen months. This can be old friends, distant family, or even past coworkers. And you may wonder if it’s okay to reminisce with them. Don’t be afraid to “go back in time” and catch up with these people. You may learn something interesting. Old lovers may reveal their feelings to you, or tell you something of them you never knew. Don’t be afraid to say how you feel and what’s on your mind. This is a GREAT time to even give someone the raw, mean truth. Speak your mind of what’s been plaguing you.

It is also advised that you not tie the knot, go on a first date or form any romantic commitment when Mercury or Venus is retrograde; the relationship will likely be short lived, possibly due to some miscommunication, irreconcilable differences, seeing things in them you did not see in before or confessions of secrets that were held back from the beginning.

Overthinking and having anxiety, during this time, is very common. If you’re wondering why you’re so anxious or can’t help but overthink right now, don’t panic. It’s going to happen to a lot of us — we may not all talk about it, but it happens. Mercury rules your thought process, so when the planet appears in reversed motion you’re more likely to experience these issues. Always think to yourself “this, too, shall pass,” because it will!

Don’t be surprised if you experience issues with your computers, smart phones, or really any electronic devices. This is extremely common during Mercury Retrograde. The Internet may run slower than usual, computers may crash, phones may break, telephone conversations may cut off unexpectedly, that television, or even the remote, you have in your living room may crap out on you. When the planet of technology goes backwards, this happens a lot. But, that does not mean all of this is going to happen to everyone. You may or may not even experience these types of issues, but if your life revolves around the latest gadgets, you’re likely to experience at least some of these problems.

Mercury, as before mentioned, rules electronics — so, with that being said, when this planet is in retrograde it’s best not to make any purchases of any technology — unless vintage or used. Even then, I would thoroughly verify that there is a return policy in case the item breaks or you have buyers remorse. I’d wait until Mercury goes direct to make a purchase on a new electronic device.

It is best to not make any big purchases such as buying a house, car, signing a contract to an apartment, etc. — when Mercury goes direct (in other words, moving in it’s usual forward motion) you may experience buyers remorse, or even finding issues with your purchase that you did not see before.

Starting a new job or career is always very exciting and life-changing, but I would try to begin this new journey before or after the retrograde. It’s a possibility you may realize the job may not be for you, or the coworkers that you thought were sincere and helpful may not end up being who you thought they were, or among many other reasons or situations. The time at the new job may be short-lived. If you start something new, only intending to stay for a short-term period of time (i.e. temporary job placement), I wouldn’t worry about it so much, then.

During this three week, or so, period, try to allow some extra travel time — as there may be some delays or cancellations with automobile and/or aircraft issues. If you are flying during Mercury Retrograde, make sure you have coverage or flight insurance in case your flight gets cancelled. It would be a nightmare to realize that you paid for a non-refundable ticket only to find out your flight is cancelled!

Lastly, I want to mention that you must be extremely careful with communications. Miscommunication is the most common issue during Mercury Retrograde. It’s very important that you double-check your work and what you send others — this can be an email, a letter, or even a text message. I don’t think you would want to send the wrong message to the wrong person, either. Think carefully before you speak. During this time, we’re more likely to misinterpret what others are saying, what they tell us, and others may misinterpret what we tell them. Be as detailed as possible and check for any typos or spelling errors. One mistake can go a long way, and I can’t say that’s a good thing.

Mercury Retrograde isn’t all as bad as it may seem. Many will see only the downs of this, but it also has it’s advantages. This is an excellent time to go back and finish projects that were never finished, resolve past issues and to reach out to those you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. It’s always good to catch up with blasts-from-the-pasts! Personally, I think that’s the best part about Mercury Retrograde. Also, if you are waiting on closure on a past situation, now is the time.

Keep in mind that retro identifies as the past — this is the key here. The main point of this is going back in time, revisiting the past, and not starting anything new.

Thanks for reading and good luck!








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