Mercury Retrograde: What To Expect, What Not To Do and It’s Advantages

Oh, it’s about that time again! Yes, Mercury Retrograde is approaching very soon. The planet that rules communication, expression, speech, electronics, vehicles/aircraft, and your thought process. This messenger planet also rules the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo.

When a planet ‘goes retrograde’ this usually indicates that it will move in a backward motion. Although a planet cannot physically move backwards, this will, however, appear in the astrological horoscope — a tool used to assist in identifying people and situations as well as predicting future events.

Mercury will be going retrograde on August 12th, 2017 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and will go direct on September 5th, 2017 at 7:30 AM EST. Mercury Retrograde occurs about every three or four months, lasting at about three weeks.

During this time period, there is a strong possibility that you may run into people from the past (hence retro in retrograde), especially exes and old romantic interests — this is especially common when Venus is retrograde, which only happens once every eighteen months. This can be old friends, distant family, or even past coworkers. And you may wonder if it’s okay to reminisce with them. Don’t be afraid to “go back in time” and catch up with these people. You may learn something interesting. Old lovers may reveal their feelings to you, or tell you something of them you never knew. Don’t be afraid to say how you feel and what’s on your mind. This is a GREAT time to even give someone the raw, mean truth. Speak your mind of what’s been plaguing you.

It is also advised that you not tie the knot, go on a first date or form any romantic commitment when Mercury or Venus is retrograde; the relationship will likely be short lived, possibly due to some miscommunication, irreconcilable differences, seeing things in them you did not see in before or confessions of secrets that were held back from the beginning.

Overthinking and having anxiety, during this time, is very common. If you’re wondering why you’re so anxious or can’t help but overthink right now, don’t panic. It’s going to happen to a lot of us — we may not all talk about it, but it happens. Mercury rules your thought process, so when the planet appears in reversed motion you’re more likely to experience these issues. Always think to yourself “this, too, shall pass,” because it will!

Don’t be surprised if you experience issues with your computers, smart phones, or really any electronic devices. This is extremely common during Mercury Retrograde. The Internet may run slower than usual, computers may crash, phones may break, telephone conversations may cut off unexpectedly, that television, or even the remote, you have in your living room may crap out on you. When the planet of technology goes backwards, this happens a lot. But, that does not mean all of this is going to happen to everyone. You may or may not even experience these types of issues, but if your life revolves around the latest gadgets, you’re likely to experience at least some of these problems.

Mercury, as before mentioned, rules electronics — so, with that being said, when this planet is in retrograde it’s best not to make any purchases of any technology — unless vintage or used. Even then, I would thoroughly verify that there is a return policy in case the item breaks or you have buyers remorse. I’d wait until Mercury goes direct to make a purchase on a new electronic device.

It is best to not make any big purchases such as buying a house, car, signing a contract to an apartment, etc. — when Mercury goes direct (in other words, moving in it’s usual forward motion) you may experience buyers remorse, or even finding issues with your purchase that you did not see before.

Starting a new job or career is always very exciting and life-changing, but I would try to begin this new journey before or after the retrograde. It’s a possibility you may realize the job may not be for you, or the coworkers that you thought were sincere and helpful may not end up being who you thought they were, or among many other reasons or situations. The time at the new job may be short-lived. If you start something new, only intending to stay for a short-term period of time (i.e. temporary job placement), I wouldn’t worry about it so much, then.

During this three week, or so, period, try to allow some extra travel time — as there may be some delays or cancellations with automobile and/or aircraft issues. If you are flying during Mercury Retrograde, make sure you have coverage or flight insurance in case your flight gets cancelled. It would be a nightmare to realize that you paid for a non-refundable ticket only to find out your flight is cancelled!

Lastly, I want to mention that you must be extremely careful with communications. Miscommunication is the most common issue during Mercury Retrograde. It’s very important that you double-check your work and what you send others — this can be an email, a letter, or even a text message. I don’t think you would want to send the wrong message to the wrong person, either. Think carefully before you speak. During this time, we’re more likely to misinterpret what others are saying, what they tell us, and others may misinterpret what we tell them. Be as detailed as possible and check for any typos or spelling errors. One mistake can go a long way, and I can’t say that’s a good thing.

Mercury Retrograde isn’t all as bad as it may seem. Many will see only the downs of this, but it also has it’s advantages. This is an excellent time to go back and finish projects that were never finished, resolve past issues and to reach out to those you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. It’s always good to catch up with blasts-from-the-pasts! Personally, I think that’s the best part about Mercury Retrograde. Also, if you are waiting on closure on a past situation, now is the time.

Keep in mind that retro identifies as the past — this is the key here. The main point of this is going back in time, revisiting the past, and not starting anything new.

Thanks for reading and good luck!








What I Love About Your Sign

Welcome back! This blog is simply naming a few things I love about your zodiac sign, and maybe some advice here and there. The mentioned below can apply to your Sun (self), Moon (feelings, emotions), or Ascendant (outer shell, how others perceive you). Find your zodiac sign!

Aries: You have a magnetic, confident and charismatic personality everybody is drawn to. Even when someone tries to put you down, it rarely ever affects you; because you know, already, how amazing you are. The passion you put in, when in love and relationships — you put your all and everything and you always know just what to say! Best of all, the ambition you have when you want something — whether it’s that dream job or that attractive guy or girl you saw on the train. When Aries wants something, they will dive in, head first, to do what it takes to get whatever it is they’re looking for! Even if that means they have to be extremely aggressive, and many times they will; hence, being ruled by the aggressive, passionate planet, Mars.

Taurus: The stereotype of Taurus is that they’re lazy and stubborn, and that’s not fair! Having my own sun sign in Taurus, this stereotype makes me cringe! Even though it’s (slightly) true. Taurus, you have many great qualities — allow me to name a few. I can’t think of one Taurus that I know that isn’t the mother hen to the people in their environment. You go above and beyond to make those around you feel at home in their own home. Showering the ones you love with material gifts and affection. Being ruled by Venus, the planet of love, it’s no secret that you’re the loyal, cheesy, but cute, hopeless romantic — especially if you have a strong Taurus influence in your chart. Needless to say, you are loving and nurturing and have a generous, selfless soul.

Gemini: There’s never a dull moment with you, Gemini. You always have a lot to say and you are filled with knowledge to share with the people around you. Gemini, you have to realize that you make an impact on people’s lives — whether it’s family, a friend or a stranger you just had a conversation with. And you have to decide whether you want to make a positive or negative impact. It’s unfair that others see you as “two-faced” and “bipolar”. They will never understand that you understand everybody’s point of view and that your mind never stops thinking; causing you to overthink and will make your mood change. You are the ultimate thinker and communicator; hence being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, speech and thoughts.

Cancer: I have many close friends born under the sign of Cancer, or of Cancerian traits; and I love everything about them. You are the mother of the zodiac, Cancer. The ultimate nurturing parent of the 12 signs. You feel every emotion intensely and have great empathy. It’s not easy, I’m sure, to be ruled by the Moon, the planet of feelings and emotions; which can make you moody by the frequently-changing Moon phases. The energy of the people around you falls right on top of you, and it is draining. The stereotype of Cancer is that you are an emotional wreck who is clingy and sensitive — when that is not the case — or, at least, not always. Sure, you may be emotional or sensitive, but that doesn’t mean you will express it. Clingy? Maybe not, but it’s always nice to have someone by your side that your soul confides in.

Leo: Where do I start, Leo? You have the energy, charisma, attractiveness that I greatly admire. I don’t know a single Leo that isn’t attractive. There’s something about you that makes you magnetic — maybe it’s your charm, sense of humor, and confidence. Many Leos I know are extroverts, that know how to talk to people and bring you out of your comfort zone in a fun way. These people are not very boring, and are great company. They know who they are and, like Aries, they don’t let anybody bring them down; because they know their worth. Leo, the lion, is the life of the party. This sign is ruled by the sun; the planet of the self, personality, ego and FUN. With that being said, you’re simply just filled with warm, comforting light. Without the sun, there’s darkness.

Virgo: When I think of Virgo, I think of my younger brother; a Virgo sun, who I grew up being very close to. My fellow Earth sign, you have an amazing sense of humor! There are so many I know that keep me laughing and in good spirits. Fun fact: the majority of comedians in Hollywood are Virgo suns! At least, that is based on my observations. To name a few, there’s Katt Williams, Amy Poehler, Charlie Sheen, Dave Chappelle — too many to name.  The stereotype of this sign is that they are judgmental, health-nutty clean freaks — which is not true; at least not for most. Virgo, the virgin, is health-conscious, organized, and has a professional, light-hearted, optimistic attitude. Like a typical Earth sign, you are filled with wisdom that touches and motivates everybody around you, as well as the capabilities of an excellent leader. You are excellent with words, hence being ruled by Mercury!

Libra: My fellow sign ruled by the love planet, Venus! You, in my opinion, are the sweetest and kindest of all. Libra is all about balance and harmony and tries their best to be fair in every situation. You are a brave, selfless soul, Libra, that tries to do so much good for your community and the world. The stereotype, here, is that Libra is flaky, lacks commitment and can be a bit insincere. The truth is that Librans are, mostly, very outgoing individuals and they tend to make plans with their many friends, and that’s when they run into a lot of time conflicts — this is what gives them their “flaky” title. Some will say they lack sincerity because they’re ‘not always honest’, but as before mentioned, Libra is about balance and harmony; they do not like conflict of any sort. Libra loves everybody on a human level.

Scorpio: The toughest people I know are born under the sign of Scorpio, or have Scorpio in their chart. Scorps, I admire your blunt nature and that you have a “what you see is what you get” personality. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of sex, death, rebirth and transformation, Scorpio is usually known for being intense, sexual, dark, and… creepy. Though, the reality is, this sign is about truth, mystery, and secrets. Even though they may not seem like it, these people are very sensitive — and they hide it so well. Many times, when you hurt their feelings, they bite back with bitter sarcasm. I know it’s not easy being you, Scorpio, and I want you to know that I envy your strength! Find someone you confide in, tell them all about what’s bothering you — you can’t hide these emotions forever, it’s not healthy.

Ophiuchus: Nothing. There’s no such thing! Ha ha.

Sagittarius: Just like the other two Fire signs, you are the life of the party, Sag! You’re the funny, sarcastic one with all the jokes. You’re also quite the storyteller, and I mean that in the best way possible — always got a story from the past to share, and filled with life experience. I especially admire your open-mindedness. You know how to laugh, live and let live — taking life as it comes. I favor your extreme optimism, even in the worst situations life throws at you, you always see the bright side of it. Being ruled by good ol’ Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, you were born to be a traveler and to share your life experiences with the people around you, and it always seems that luck is on your side — much more than you think. Count your blessings, keep smiling and continue inspiring, Sag.

Capricorn: You are what gets me out of bed in the morning, Cap. The ultimate teacher. The mature and responsible one; hence being ruled by good ol’, mean ol’ Saturn, the planet of responsibility, career and karma. The one that enlightens me on life lessons and learning. You’re the one that encourages me to aim higher and work harder. To make a career out of something you’re passionate about and to see yourself become successful doing. I have a family full of Capricorns as well as many friends born under the sign of Capricorn, the goat. If I didn’t have strong Capricorn influences in my life, God knows where I’d be today. They will push you to do better, and give you helpful advice. You always have an answer for everything, Cap, and I love it. If only you knew that you don’t have to own nice things, have the perfect job or have a lot of money to earn the love of another; many of us just love you for your wisdom, guidance and passion for what you do to keep your feet on the ground.

Aquarius: You have an unpredictable and spontaneous nature, Aquarius, that I find really exciting. Being ruled by Uranus, the planet of spontaneity and change, you’re no stranger to trying new things and doing activities from out of the blue, or on short notice. Do we really need predictability in our lives? If we did, life wouldn’t be as fun. I’d say you’re truly the easiest to get along with and can befriend just about anybody; after all, Aquarius does rule friends in the natal horoscope. The stereotype of Aquarius is that these individuals are ‘weird’, rebellious, and they talk to aliens (ha ha). Firstly, they are not weird, but they love things and people that are ‘out of the norm’ and tend to have their own unique style. Secondly, many Aquarians, in the past, had issues with authority, especially in youth — some of them believe rules are meant to be broken. With that being said, it is likely that they’re rebellious. But do they talk to aliens? I don’t know, ask your Aquarius friend, we all have one. I highly doubt it, though.

Pisces: This is our most psychic sign of all. When I say that, I mean Pisces is the sign that is most intuitive out of most of the Water signs and the twelve signs altogether. These people, many times, when they feel a situation isn’t right or someone isn’t being sincere, their intuition is correct. Being ruled by Neptune, Pisces (stereotypically) is the dreamer, the spiritual human being, and can be known to be a bit naïve. Pisces’ open-mindedness will be sadly mistaken as naïveté. I would more-so say that Pisces has a gift of seeing their dreams and making them happen. The question, here, is, will they be willing to make them happen and commit to the process? Regardless, Pisces, you have a gift of detecting what you feel is wrong, and you should use that gift to get to the bottom of the truth. Do not let people mistake your kindness and open-mindedness with naïveté.  DO NOT let people take advantage of you.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again, soon!



Astrology: What I’ve Learned, Who I Am

When I first moved to New York City, everybody around me kept asking me, “what’s your sign?” and I never understood why. Never did I think before, that it was important, nor did I think it would be such a huge part of my life years later. When people would ask, I’d always happily tell them that I was born under the sign of Taurus; only I wasn’t aware of the importance of knowing one’s sign.

When I worked at a retail store in lower Manhattan, a few years ago, one of my coworkers once asked me, out of the blue, what my sign was. When I explained to him that I was a Taurus, he gave me the look of “oh, I see,” as if suddenly it all made sense to him; even though he only knew me for just a few minutes at the time. He explained to me just about what he knew about the Taurus personality; and I was amazed at the accuracy of what he told me. I always thought the characteristics of what he described were just me! Apparently, it’s just my sun sign that’s slow and steady, known for having a habit of over-eating, had a love for the high-end things of life and what-not.

At the time I was dating a guy that had his Sun in Capricorn, and I was so fascinated by him! The fact that he was so hard-working and passionate about what he did for a living, and his goals of being successful — not to mention he was handsome and I absolutely loved to hear him talk. He’s your typical Capricorn — and, man, are they charming. But he would never open up to me, and it made me feel like he didn’t trust me, nor did this guy make me feel like I was important, lacking respect towards me. All of this made me want to understand, so badly, why our relationship was never stable, why he acted the way he did towards me, why I felt the way I did about him, and how to make it stop. The knowledge of astrology helped me understand all of that — simply by looking at his natal chart and our synastry (relationship) chart. Eventually that roller-coaster slowly, but surely, came to an end.

Soon after, I started learning about all of the sun signs. From reading books to watching YouTube videos about each of the twelve zodiac signs. For years I had been hooked and obsessed with astrology. I had to know the sign of everybody in my environment. One day, about a year later, I was watching a YouTube video on one of the signs. The astrologer in the video explained about being able to predict the future using the charts. I thought to myself “who WOULDN’T want to know about their future?” So I began learning about the natal chart system.

It’s been almost two years since I began learning about the astrological charts (natal, transits, solar return, etc.) and ever since then, everything that has happened in my past and present suddenly made so much sense! Not only did I see my past, present and future in these charts, I learned about who I am and why I deal with these lessons and struggles that I have dealt with and continue to endure. That saying “everything happens for a reason” suddenly comes to mind.

A couple of years ago, I started joining astrology groups on social media, in hopes of gaining more knowledge and connecting with others that had the same passion of learning as I did. Eventually I did meet and connect with many others — I even met my best friend in one of the groups! It seemed, at the time, we both wanted to know how to earn the heart of a Libra man. Who knew that the shared interest of Libra men would lead a long-lasting friendship? Ha ha! It didn’t end up working out with our Libras after all; eventually regretting the relationships. We realized that our Taurus suns just were not compatible with Libra suns on a romantic level — our synastry charts didn’t look so hot either! At the same time, I’m glad it happened. If I didn’t want to be with a Libra guy so bad, I wouldn’t have met my close friend.

There’s so much to learn in astrology. It’s a never-ending puzzle that’s addicting to connect the pieces. It’s a foreign language not many can speak, nor will understand. Many will not believe in it, and that’s okay. Not everybody is going to have the same interests and beliefs, of course. But let me tell you, I love to see the reaction on people’s faces when I read their charts to them — it’s always a look of shock, or a look of “oh my! It all makes sense, now!” And suddenly, they believe, and come back for more truth and revelation.

For those of you that are already familiar with astrology, you’re probably aware of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (or Rising) signs. I am a Taurus sun, Gemini Moon, Leo Ascendant. My Taurus sun gives me the drive for stability, my Gemini Moon tends to multitask and work on many different projects at once, while trying to learn new skills and pickup on a few foreign languages, and my Leo Ascendant strives for leadership, keeping my appearance and public image in check, and wanting to be in the spotlight, of course — ha ha!

But all that I had just mentioned is, still, basic astrology. There are still other signs we all have that are important to learn! In fact we have an entire solar system, and some asteroids. If you’re not familiar with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs, you can always find out your big three by simply going onto > ‘My Astro’, typing in your birth info and it will lead you to your natal chart! I’ll further explain each sign, planet, and asteroid and their importance along the way. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for much more to come!



First Blog: About Me

Where do I start? This is my first blog, and as I sit here in this Manhattan-bound train from Coney Island I really wonder where this blog is going to go — where it’s going to take me. Will my voice be heard? Will I give up on this site after a few days? Who knows.
Allow me to introduce myself — my name is Abby. I’m twenty-three years of age, I was born and raised in Texas; spending most of my life in a small town of New Braunfels and San Antonio, TX. I’m a writer, beginner designer, aspiring entrepreneur, businesswoman in progress, astrologer, tarot reader, numerologist, and a palm reader — in training. Whoa! What a mouth-full, right? I have a lot of hobbies and interests that I plan to make into a career; and I’m ready to build and maintain success!
I am currently a resident of a beautiful, family-oriented neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. I moved to New York City at eighteen years old, not knowing a single soul. Almost five years later, I’m still here and still see NYC as my home; but let me tell you, it’s not always easy maintaining independence in the city that never sleeps. What can a gal do to keep herself in the big city?
Over the years I have learned a variety of skills that I feel will help me build a better life and career; for not just myself, but others, too. From writing to predicting the future — using tools such as astrology, palm reading, numerology and tarot. Soon, I’ll post of these hobbies & skills and what I have learned from them. I think you’ll see a lot of this, if you decide to stay tuned later on in the blog posts!
For many years I was always aware of blogging, and what it was, but never had much thought of trying it out. One day, recently, I just decided I wanted to start writing again. It doesn’t matter much to me of how many people read my articles, or blog posts, what matters to me is that somebody reads them and it changes their life in a positive way.
I’ve had many forks in the road in the short 23 years of my life. Every struggle that I went through has made me who I am, and has brought me closer to my spiritual roots. Just like many others, I’ve experienced heartbreak, a loss of a loved one, issues in the home, depression, health problems, love, happiness, triumph and so much more — and I cannot wait to share all of this with you! Maybe you’ll see a little bit of me in yourself. Maybe you’ll read on and see that you can relate to the things I went through; and you can share your experience, as well!
I appreciate you taking the time to actually read this, and I hope you stay tuned for much more to come!